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In April and May 2016 nearly 2,500 people took part in allocating $1 million to improve wellbeing in South Australia. They were tasked with making the difficult decision of selecting from the 62 projects seeking funding.

As a result of the community's decision, nearly $994,000 has been offered to 16 projects to help a diverse range of South Australians including:

People affected by domestic violence or abuse

Safe Kennels Project - to provide temporary shelter for the pets of victims of domestic violence, removing a barrier to the owner leaving an abusive relationship
Silence Kills - to produce three films raising the awareness of the impact of domestic violence
$trength in Numbers - to provide financial counselling to people leaving an abusive relationship

People who are homeless or at risk of homelessness

Homeless Beans Coffee Cart - to help homeless people gain the skills they need to re-enter the workforce by providing them vocational training on a coffee cart
Volunteer Coordinator - to fund a coordinator role to organise and manage programs for women experiencing homelessness

People with a disability or chronic health issue

Choose your own adventure - a program to increase tourism opportunities across South Australia for people with a physical disability
Kids' Equipment and Services Van - to purchase a van to support delivery and mobile repair of equipment for children with disabilities
Solar Panels for Leukaemia - to install solar panels at the Bridgestone Australia Leukaemia Foundation Village, reducing the cost for users of the service

Children affected by the criminal justice system

Rescuing Prisoners' Kids - to provide a diversion worker to help break the intergenerational cycle of crime by working with the children of prisoners

People who are isolated, vulnerable or experiencing disadvantage

Connect and Protect - to develop and deliver a custom, mobile, low-cost pet micro-chipping service for disadvantage people
Heart and Soul Food Assistance & Food for the Community - to purchase equipment to expand these food collection and distribution programs
Helping Nature, Helping People & Nature for You - improving the mental and physical health of people by connecting them with nature
OzHarvest Education Kitchen - to fund a new kitchen classroom to improve nutrition and food awareness training and skills
Rooftop Solar panels - to install a solar system to reduce operating costs, allowing more funding to support Foodbank's activities.

You can read more about these and the other projects here.

We'd like to thank all the South Australians that took part in Fund My Community 2016 and hope that at least one of the projects you supported got funded.

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