Country Cabinet is an initiative that sees the Premier and Cabinet Ministers visit three regions per year until 2017.

Country Cabinet will continue in 2016, and the following dates and locations have been confirmed:

28 February - 1 March: Port Augusta and Northern Flinders Ranges

11-13 September: Tatiara, Southern Mallee and Karoonda East Murray

20-22 November: Whyalla, Coober Pedy and Roxby Downs

The scheduled visit to Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands)  from 1 - 3 May has been postponed at the request of the APY Executive Board. 

Country Cabinet is more than simply a visit to a regional location. A series of events and meetings allow the Government to hear from local people about the matters affecting them and their communities.

Regional communities make a major contribution to South Australia’s identity, quality of life and prosperity. Our regions generate much of the state’s wealth, contributing more than $20 billion towards our economy.

Building stronger regions is a priority for the South Australian Government.

What happens at Country Cabinet?

At Country Cabinet, local residents have the opportunity to attend a community forum to share their ideas about how to make their region a more prosperous and thriving place. The agenda for each Country Cabinet is informed and driven by issues raised by the local community during an extensive pre-engagement process.

The forum is usually held on a Sunday night and involves a casual BBQ followed by a Q&A session with the community and ministers.

The Premier and Cabinet Ministers also hold their cabinet meeting in the region and attend a series of events and meetings with key leaders and community organisations in the area.

How does Country Cabinet help the community?

The Government collates the feedback on the issues it hears during Country Cabinet, from events held during the visit, as well as from online issues raised by the community through the YourSAy website.

The feedback is used to form an Issues Paper. The paper groups the issues and is placed on the YourSAy website, providing the regional community further chance to provide comment.

Government agencies provide a response to the issues they are responsible for, and a report is released within 90 days of Country Cabinet occurring in a region.

Current Country Cabinets

There are no decisions available at this time.

Past Country Cabinets