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This conversation with the community is now closed - thanks to those who contributed.

The formal public consultation on SA Connected has now concluded and a significant amount of feedback was received from people and organisations who were interested in shaping the South Australian Government’s new information and communications technology [ICT] strategy.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer has analysed this feedback to identify the trends coming out of it.

We invite you to download a copy of Feedback on SA Connected, the SA Government’s ICT Position Paper, which contains all of the feedback, in an anonymised format, as well as the findings from an initial high level analysis.

·         Download the summary report (471KB, PDF)

·         Download the full report (3.1 MB, PDF)

This feedback has been used to inform the SA Government's new ICT strategy, which was launched in November 2013. A copy of the new strategy is available from

You can also:

·         view the video launch of the SA Connected position paper

·         download your copy of the SA Connected position paper (PDF)

·         download your copy of the SA Connected position paper eBook (ePUB).

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