The Adult Safeguarding Unit Code of Practice is now available

25 March 2020

The Office for Ageing Well began community consultation on the establishment of the Adult Safeguarding Unit in December 2018 with a workshop attended by 60 people and a community survey with over 300 respondents from a range of ages, backgrounds and cultures.

Feedback received was used to develop a draft Code of Practice which outlines:

  • the way Unit staff may respond to reports of suspected or actual abuse,
  • how they will work with adults who may be vulnerable to abuse to ensure their rights are respected, and, 
  • the way the Unit will work with other organisations.

Community consultation on the draft Adult Safeguarding Unit Code of Practice was held via this website from 28 June to 19 July 2019 and a service provider forum was held on the 2 July 2019. Feedback from these consultations was collated and considered for the final Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice is available on the SA Health website.