Consideration of waterfront Crown land at Pelican Lagoon, Kangaroo Island - update

13 June 2018

In March this year, KI Links Pty Ltd approached the Minister for Environment and Water requesting consideration of a lease. The Minister has agreed to negotiate a lease with golf course developers, KI Links, over three parcels of land near Pelican Lagoon, south side of Hog Bay Road, Dudley Peninsula on Kangaroo Island.

The South Australian Government has listened closely to the concerns of the Kangaroo Island and wider community and decided to retain a waterfront coastal reserve, allowing ongoing public ownership of the clifftop. A section of the land will be subdivided to create the coastal reserve, approximately 50 metres wide, and negotiations will take place to lease the three parcels of land on the south side of Hogs Bay Road.

No Crown land will be sold for this development and the Minister’s decision only relates to negotiating a lease over the land.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure is managing the major development process for the Kangaroo Island golf course development which includes conditions to ensure cultural heritage, native vegetation and threatened wildlife are protected and land and water are managed appropriately.

KI Links Pty Ltd plan to construct an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse, tourist accommodation and associated infrastructure on the land.

For more information about the decision to create a waterfront coastal reserve and negotiate the lease of three parcels of land please refer to the map and the frequently asked questions (FAQs). For more information about Crown Land tenure please email