Driver training review - feedback report available

22 February 2020

The Driver Training Review has completed two stages of consultation to date.

In Stage 1 we asked the community to tell us about their driver training and assessment experience, and what they liked and didn’t like. The response to the survey was strong and included people who had had very recent experiences to some whose experiences spanned back more than 20 years ago. Whilst all responses are appreciated, only those experiences that occurred within the last 5 years are recorded in the report.

Stage 2 was focussed on the driver training industry. We asked what they thought about the community feedback, provided an opportunity to identify what they thought the problems were within the industry, and to suggest how these could be addressed.

Thanks to everyone who participated. The results of each consultation stage are now available and you can find them in the Driver Training Consultation Public Report.

Both stages confirmed the need for reform of the industry. Another clear message was that the standards to enter the driver training industry and the standards to remain in the driver training industry need to be improved. We will now work with the driver training industry to progress a reform package.