How do we rethink government in the digital age?

1 June 2017

How do we rethink government in the digital age? How can online games, social media and data analytics help government and communities collaborate more effectively?

The focus of government is changing. How can it transition from a “taxes in, services out” style of government, to an enabler and facilitator, creating the conditions for which businesses and communities can work together more effectively?

In the digital age and economy, we need to rethink government - its role and the way it functions.  

Is government the platform on which businesses and communities build their ‘applications’? How can government unlock data to spark new enterprise and add value to existing services? Does it develop the ‘algorithms’ from which we determine the solutions to major societal issues? 

The Mandarin’s Tom Burton will explore these questions, demonstrate case studies on the ways in which governments are transforming the way they work, and provide insights into the opportunities for the future.

AUSTRAC's Pia Waugh will talk about government as a platform and explore advancements happening in this space across Australia and New Zealand.

Following this, gamification and UX ‘geek’ Zac Fitz-Walter will explore how thinking like a game designer can help governments design programs and processes that increase community participation in its work.

UniSA's Anika Johnstone will talk about how we frame digital government and how we can rethink it, the kinds of skills that will be important, and how we move beyond a focus on screens and services.

Tuesday 13 June, 8:45am - 11:30am
RiAus @ The Science Exchange 
55 Exchange Place, Adelaide