The Inaugural Simplify Day (2016)

15 November 2016

The South Australian Government’s inaugural Simplify Day was held on 15th November 2016.  This day was set aside in Parliament to improve our regulatory environment to support business and industry and remove outdated and redundant legislation. 

The Simplify Day Bill which was introduced into Parliament is the culmination of an intensive engagement strategy and the initial response to ideas from the community, business, industry and government. 

It proposed the repeal of 11 obsolete Acts and amendments to 33 existing Acts and regulations. 

An additional range of initiatives will be the subject of ongoing work and partnership between the community and Government, with some to be considered as part of Simplify Day 2017. 

We understand that the best way to simplify regulation is by listening to the priorities of our business and industry partners, and the experiences of our citizens interacting with government.  We will continue to explore and develop ideas you have already suggested to us to simplify laws and regulations, improve compliance and remove duplication. 

You can read more about recent regulatory reforms, Simplify Day and future reforms in the Simplify Day Report (PDF 775KB).