Consultion report now available

30 May 2019

As a critical step in developing the South Australian Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024, we have consulted extensively with consumers through the Health Consumers Alliance along with our senior health service managers (clinicians and other executives) in Local Health Networks (LHNs), senior managers within the Department for Health and Wellbeing (DHW), and other external stakeholders, to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Feedback on the resulting Framework was also sought via YourSAy, with extensive media advertising to encourage participation from the wider community .

We were pleased to accept feedback from almost 200 responders which included individuals in both the metropolitan and country/rural areas, SA Health staff members, other government agencies, general practitioners, primary health care providers and various non-government organisations.

Key concerns raised included:

  • Wellness and prevention rather than treating illness
  • Responsibility of individuals in maintaining good health, as one responder told us:“A priority is the 'beliefs of health consumers' that the system will just fix them, I think there should be more education about the ‘system’ and how consumers better utilise them and not rely on it to 'save' them all the time".
  • Concerns were raised over ramping at our hospitals and the lengthy wait times for elective surgery
  • Mental health and its related concerns within the health care setting was featured prominently
  • Several priority groups wished to be identified and recognised individually within the strategy and have their specific health needs addressed
  • The unique issues health consumers may have with access to services, especially for those who were outside of the metropolitan areas, was repeated throughout the feedback

For more detail about the feedback received view the consultation report What You Said - summary of feedback.