The South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) is inviting all South Australians to tell us what you think about the State's Abortion Laws.  The terms of reference of this review do not include preventing or precluding abortion in South Australia.

What is being decided?

SALRI has been asked by the State Attorney-General, the Hon Vickie Chapman MP, to examine South Australia’s abortion laws. 

South Australia’s present laws relating to abortion date from 1969. It's important our state laws keep up with medical advances and changes in social and community attitudes.

SALRI will be considering how the law can be modernised to reflect current clinical practice, and will also look at making abortion a regulated medical procedure under health laws, rather than as it currently is, a criminal law issue. 

This review of South Australia’s abortion laws is governed by its terms of reference from the Attorney-General and these do not extend to preventing or precluding abortion.

Abortion raises sensitive legal, health, ethical, policy and practical questions. Often these questions are answered by deep personal commitments and values. SALRI will conduct its consultation process in an objective and respectful manner and requests that participants engage and provide their views in a co-operative and courteous manner.

Get involved

To tell us how you think South Australia's abortion laws can be modernised read the fact sheets to find out more,  email a written submission to or
take the online surveyYou do not need to answer every question in the survey and may choose to only answer the questions related to your area of interest.

How can your input influence the decision?

We are committed to an active and inclusive community consultation process and we would like to hear your views and comments, We are particularly keen to involve, and hear from, rural and regional communities about access to abortion services.

Your feedback will help SALRI consider how the current laws can be modernised to reflect medical advances and changes in social attitudes.

What are the next steps?

A report will be published in August 2019.


For more information read the fact sheets or email

Closing date: 5pm Friday 31 May 2019



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