Proposed enhancements

The draft Adelaide Botanic Garden Masterplan 2020 will guide future infrastructure investment across Adelaide Botanic Garden and Botanic Park. 

Suggested upgrades in the Masterplan 2020 include: 

Integration with the new, global innovation precinct at Lot Fourteen

  • Reuse of the historic Francis Arbour to create a new entrance hub between Lot Fourteen and Adelaide Botanic Garden.
  • Creation of a commercial shop at the entrance between Lot Fourteen and Adelaide Botanic Garden.
  • Upgrades to enhance the main North Terrace entrance, whilst maintaining its heritage value.
  • Replacement of the western boundary fencing with a more visually appealing and secure form.

Accommodation Review

  • Identification of long-term solutions to protect the state’s preserved botanical collections, which are currently stored in Tram Barn A and the Goodman Building.
  • The construction of a new visitor, science, education and collections centre.

Water and Waterway Management

  • Implement a way to sustainably manage the lake and waterways in the long-term.
  • Final commissioning of the First Creek wetland aquifer storage and recovery system, to enable the gardens to be more water supply self-sufficient.

Collections and Thematic Landscape Development

  • Strategic revitalisation of the plant collections.

Building Management

  • Continued conservation of the heritage buildings, including the Goodman Building, Tram Barn A, East Lodge, North Lodge and Bicentennial Conservatory.
  • Redevelopment of the horticultural staff works depot to increase safety, productivity and functionality.

Site Infrastructure Management

  • Upgraded walking paths.
  • Improved directional signage.
  • Upgraded public toilets and other amenities.
  • A new teaching glasshouse.
  • Raised boardwalk through the Ficus Avenue to improve accessibility, and longevity of the 150-year-old Moreton Bay Fig trees.
  • Reinstate the bridge that spanned over Main Lake, reconnecting main walk from north to south.

Visitor Experience and Event Management

  • More botanical and cultural collections storytelling and interpretation.
  • New infrastructure to support opening the gardens in the evening for curated experiences (i.e. lighting, Wi-Fi, security cameras).

Upcoming key dates

Thu, 19 Nov 2020 at 5:00 PM

CLOSING DATE: Adelaide Botanic Garden Masterplan Review