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Help us make the Adelaide Metro Site better. Does the website meet your needs? 

We would like to hear from the many people who use it. So please leave a comment to tell us what works, what you would like and how we can best deliver transport information to you. 

This website provides vital public transport journey details for thousands of daily commuters, as well as providing information to occasional users and inexperienced visitors to Adelaide.

We need to provide a simple yet successful digital public transport experience and we want you to tell us how we could deliver this. 

What is being decided?

A new Adelaide Metro website will be launched prior to the end of 2018. We are seeking detailed customer opinion about style and functionality to provide an enhanced web experience.

How can your input influence the decision?

Customer feedback will be incorporated into the design to ensure a refreshed website delivers what the huge number of Adelaide Metro users want and need from digital information provision.

How will your input be used?

Complete the survey by Friday 15 June or write a comment in the online discussion. Your feedback will help shape a new Adelaide Metro website design with improved functionality and easier access to the most commonly sought information.


Closing date: Friday 15 June 2018




Find Adelaide Metro online and on social media

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