Anyone can nominate a place or object in South Australia to be considered for state heritage-listing. In order to determine if a place or object has state heritage significance, it will be assessed against certain criteria by the South Australian Heritage Council.

The State Heritage Unit in the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources is responsible for the management of State Heritage Places and State Heritage Areas within South Australia. It also provides policy advice and heritage assessments to the South Australian Heritage Council for their decision making.

The State Heritage Unit has recently commissioned a comprehensive assessment of the heritage values of the Adelaide Park Lands and City Squares (see Project Brief) as a cultural landscape, informed by a physical inspection and historical research. In assessing their heritage significance, rigorous assessment against the criteria under the Heritage Places Act 1993 will be required. This assessment process is to ensure that they are of state heritage significance before consideration by the Council for entry in the South Australia Heritage Register as a State Heritage Place.

The “Adelaide Park Lands and City Layout” is already entered in the National Heritage List, having been nominated by the City of Adelaide and is one of the first places to be Nationally-listed, in November 2008. While a number of individual places within the Park Lands are State and Local Heritage Places, the Park Lands as a whole have not been assessed for their heritage value at a State level.

Find out more about the Adelaide Park Lands and City Squares heritage assessment here.

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