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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 28 November 2018 to 7 January 2019. Below is a record of the consultation report.


The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board is seeking comment on its next business plan.

What is being decided?

The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Board (the Board) is seeking the community’s feedback on its next business plan.

What is the business plan?

The draft AMLR NRM Plan (Business and Operational) 2019-20 to 2021-22 (PDF 7MB) (the AMLR Business Plan) is a three-year plan from 2019-20 to 2021-22 that sets out:

  • the income that the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board (the NRM Board) receives through levies and other funding
  • how the NRM Board will spend that money to achieve the targets in its strategic plan
  • the conditions under which the board will issue a permit for a water affecting activity.

The draft plan is a transitional plan while the State Government implements NRM reforms across the state. While it has been prepared to cover a three-year period, it is anticipated that the plan will be replaced by the State Government's new Landscape South Australia (SA) and Green Adelaide plans before the end of the three-year period. This regional business plan recognises the State Government’s reform agenda and aligns with the Landscape SA priorities. 

What are the changes?

The current Natural Resources Management Act 2004 requires regional NRM boards to review their business plans at least once every three years. The AMLR NRM Board has reviewed its business plan and prepared a new draft plan for 2019-20 to 2021-22.

Consistent with the State Government’s policy, the draft plan proposes to limit increases to the regional NRM land and water levies to CPI over the life of the plan, while maintaining an active commitment to the sustainability of the region’s natural resources.

How can your input influence the decision?

The community’s input, as well as input from key stakeholders such as local government, industry, environmental organisations, community groups, nation groups and others, will be considered by the board in finalising the plan.

How will your input be used?

All feedback will be summarised in a consultation report, along with details of the efforts the NRM Board made to consult on the plan.
The consultation report will be published by March 2019.
The plan and consultation report will provided to the Minister for Environment and Water for consideration and adoption by June 2019.

For more information please visit the Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges website.

Get involved

Have your say by joining the online discussion.

You can also have your say by:

  • emailing a written submission to
  • mailing a written response to:

    Regional Director
    Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges 
    Natural Resources Management Board 
    205 Greenhill Road 
    EASTWOOD SA 5063

Submissions close on 7 January 2019.


Contact details

For general enquiries, please call Natural Resources AMLR on (08) 8273 9100 between during business hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email

Please note that feedback cannot be accepted by phone.

Closing date: Monday 7 January 2019.


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