South Australia has a deep and rich arts and cultural history and we want to celebrate our strong foundation while considering what's next for the arts in our state.

Did you know?

  • The arts in South Australia employs more than 16,000 people
  • 47% of all Australian festival tickets are sold in SA
  • For every $1 invested by the State Government -  live music brings in $3 to the state; festivals bring in $5 and film brings in $10
  • There are 9 million arts attendances in South Australia per year
  • Gross economic impact is $88.4 million in ticket sales and revenue

A new Arts Plan for South Australia 2019 - 2024 will:

  • Ensure the arts, cultural and creative sectors in South Australia thrive throughout the year.
  • Review existing funding and increased grant allocations to make sure they are focused on supporting companies and artists, and a successful, sustainable ecosystem for creative industries.
  • Consider what more we can do to meet the needs of regional and rural South Australians including supporting local cultural activities in regional towns and centres, career pathways for regional based artists, and access to regional touring opportunities for large and small companies.
  • Develop and deliver a state-wide Digital Access Plan for our irreplaceable cultural collections – building on the work of those institutions that are already engaged in this work and helping to ensure these collections are accessible to all South Australians and the world.
  • Assist the Adelaide Festival Centre’s newly redeveloped venues, including Her Majesty’s Theatre, to take collaboration with our major performing arts companies to a new level.
  • Examine arts governance and encourage more resourcefulness, tasking our arts boards to have a stronger focus on diversifying funding sources, but at the same time looking to provide rolling triennial funding to arts organisations to improve their opportunities for long term planning.
  • Explore opportunities for new partnerships and collaborations, and strengthen existing relationships between cultural institutions and arts organisations and government agencies and the corporate and philanthropic sectors.

Consultation process

The process for the development of the Arts Plan is taking place in a number of phases and will be completed by June 2019.

Phase one: research

The first phase of work commenced early in January, with the gathering and analysing of existing data and documentation from a wide range of sources. Reports and recommendations made by the sector over the past few years have formed the basis of this consultation and will be considered in the development of the new arts plan.

This research informs our understanding of the scale and nature of the broader arts community, as well as the local context. 

Phase two: consultation

During this phase we are engaging directly with arts organisations and seeking input from the wider community.



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