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Let us know what you value about water resources in the Barossa and what their biggest threats are.

What is being decided?

The current Barossa Water Allocation Plan (1.9 MB) was adopted in 2009, and work is now underway to update the plan in consultation with the community, industry and key stakeholders. Read more about the plan here.

This update will be based on the latest information about water resources in the area, as well as the importance of these water resources to the community for different purposes.

The Barossa Water Allocation Plan guides management of groundwater and surface water in the area and includes information about:

  • the environmental water requirements to sustain water-dependent ecosystems
  • the present and future needs of water users, including landholders and the environment
  • the capacity of the resource to meet demand
  • providing an equitable balance between social, economic and environmental needs for water
  • the effect of the use of water from the Barossa Prescribed Water Resources Area on other prescribed resources
  • rules for how water will be allocated for irrigation, commercial industry and the environment, as well as rules around how and where water can be transferred or traded
  • monitoring requirements to ensure that the Barossa Water Allocation Plan is protecting the resource for users, now and into the future.

Have your say

You are invited to provide your feedback on what is valued about the water resources in the Barossa, as well as what the biggest threats to these resources are.

To have your say and help guide updates to the water allocation plan for managing surface and ground water in the Barossa:

Have your say before comments close 5pm Wednesday January 31 2018.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your input will help identify what is important to the community about water resources in the Barossa and help set priorities for updating the Barossa Water Allocation Plan.

Feedback from the community will also provide context for presenting policy options and scenarios.

How will your input be used?

A summary of responses will be available on the YourSAy and Natural Resources AMLR websites in late March – early April 2018, and community members who complete the survey will also receive a summary of responses directly.


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