At Showcase 7 we heard from Harvard Professor Mark Moore, of the Kennedy School of Government, Boston - one of the world’s leading figures in public management and leadership. The event also offered the chance to hear from Ruth Ambler, Executive Director of Cabinet Office and the Commissioner for Public Employment, Erma Ranieri about how public servants can take a different approach to policy and service delivery, including through new Cabinet processes.

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“The strategic problem for public managers is to imagine and articulate a vision of public value that can command legitimacy and support — and is operationally doable in the domain for which they have responsibility.” 
Professor Mark Moore, Recognising Public Value (2013)

What is Public Value?

Public value helps us to better understand what matters most to people.

What is the opportunity?

The public value framework provides us with a practical reasoning tool to ensure there is legitimacy and support and that what is being contemplated is operationally achievable. 

It asks us to consider views from multiple perspectives.

For the public sector this can involve:

  • clearly expressing the value you seek to deliver and asking if more can be done to improve outcomes
  • collaborating and engaging with our clients, customers and stakeholders
  • adopting public value as an important input into performance measurement
  • using the tools offered by Moore to help analyse and assess current or future challenges and opportunities. 

What are we doing already?

Through Reforming Democracy, we are committed to working collaboratively to decide, design and deliver together. The Better Together principles are also helping us to better engage with citizens.

A key commitment in Reforming Democracy is to ‘collaborate to create public value’.

A series of pilot projects and trials will explore new ways of delivering public value by: 

  • generating new perspectives and insights based on the experience of citizens
  • using digital technology to share ideas and resources at a scale not previously possible
  • sparking action and innovation through partnerships with the business or non-government sectors and citizens themselves.

Together these projects will enable a better understanding of what is valued, help to identify new resources, and provide the support required to effect change. 

What next? 

Public value concepts will be adopted as the framework for Cabinet decision making. Public value thinking will also be used by agencies in their planning processes which will support a consistent monitoring and accountability framework across the South Australian Government.

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Creating Public Value: Transforming Australia’s Social Services - Ernst & Young, Australia 2014$FILE/ey-creating-public-value.pdf

Reforming Democracy

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