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Showcase 9: Future Money
Exploring the sharing economy from institutions to individuals

Thursday, 20 October 2016
8.00 am for 9:00am start to 11:30 am

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Join leading experts in exploring how technological advances, and shifts in power and trust from institutions to individuals, are disrupting enterprise and employment as we know it.

The Showcase will explore questions such as:

  • What is the collaborative economy and what is driving its growth?
  • What are the opportunities and implications for individuals, enterprises, communities and society?
  • What is the government’s role and what could, or should, it be doing in this space?

Keynote: Rachel Botsman, author, academic, TED speaker (Aus and UK)
Rachel is known around the world for her visionary thinking on how the power of collaboration and trust, enabled by technologies, will change the way we live, work, bank and consume. She defined the theory of ‘collaborative consumption’ in her first book What’s Mine is Yours.

Rachel will be joined by:

Mark Pesce:  Inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and broadcaster. Pesce co-invented VRML, was a panelist on ABC’s The New Inventors, writes a fortnightly column for The Register, and is the author of six books including The Playful World. After founding postgraduate programs at USC and AFTRS, Pesce now runs the Digital Growth Partnership, a Sydney consultancy helping clients to identify and benefit from the opportunities of connected business.

Scott Smith: founder of Changeist, an Amsterdam-based strategic foresight, research and consulting practice. He works with organisations from around the globe to shape sustainable, progressive futures. Since setting up Changeist in 2007, Scott has worked with organisations such as from SWIFT, UNICEF, Pfizer, the New York Times and Dubai’s Museum of the Future.  

The Better Together Showcase series features thought-provoking guest speakers, informative presenters and inspiring practitioners who have shaped and influenced public policy and practice throughout South Australia and the world.

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