To ensure our biosecurity system remains effective and sustainable into the future, it’s important to review and improve existing legislation. Our current biosecurity legislation is a patchwork of Acts that have been developed independently over the last century, without unified principles or goals.  

The development of a new Biosecurity Act is an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the future management and protection of South Australia’s industries, environment and community through robust and appropriate biosecurity measures. 

Since early 2019, when it was first announced that the State Government intended to develop a new Biosecurity Act, extensive consultation with key stakeholders has taken place. More than 53 meetings, workshops and presentations to various industry, commercial and government bodies to discuss the way forward have been held, and a Stakeholder Reference Group with 23 industry and statutory authority members has been formed. 

An internal review of all South Australian legislation relevant to biosecurity management was undertaken in early 2019. This review identified any Acts with a clear focus on managing a pest or disease (pathogen) as part of South Australia’s biosecurity system for possible consideration and inclusion under a new, consolidated Biosecurity Act for South Australia.  

This stage of engagement will involve industry, government, and the general public, to ensure: 

  • the legislation developed is modern 
  • the management of biosecurity will be consistent across all industries 
  • current strengths and weaknesses are evaluated 
  • opportunities to build a better, more cohesive biosecurity system for the State’s future growth are taken. 

Now is the time to have your say in the future management and protection of this State’s vitally important biosecurity system.