Change@South Australia is the next expansive phase of the Public Sector Renewal Program. In October 2012, the Premier established this program to change the way the public sector operates through innovation and culture change.  

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Public sector values - here's the consultation feedback

From October to December 2012, the Public Sector Renewal Program worked with over 600 public sector employees to develop a set of core values for the South Australian public service.

The first phase of online consultation elicited a lot of ideas around the 7 core values and associated behaviours brainstormed by Cabinet and Senior Management Council in November last year. The consultation lead to three new (collaboration, sustainability, engagement) and one amended value (integrity), with suggested supporting operational practices, behaviours and taboos. This feedback was developed into the draft values framework (pdf) and used to inform values conversations at ten workshops in the CBD and one in Port Augusta from early March until the end of April.

At the workshops people were asked to ‘vote’ on their top preferences for values, operational practices, behaviours and taboos. The results of the voting can be found here(pdf).

The next stage of the engagement strategy includes refining the values framework into a model that can be applied within agencies and aligned with their existing systems and practices. The comments you have provided will inform this process. Consultation on the values model is planned for late June and we will be sure to let people know how they can become involved.

Thank you to those of you who have participated so far, and who have shown commitment, passion and support for creating a better culture in the public sector. 

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