Join the discussion and tell us what needs to happen to make sure we can achieve successful child protection reform outcomes together.

The recently released Child Protection Systems Royal Commission report, The life they deserve, described shortcomings in our child protection system and beyond, and made extensive recommendations for improvement.

The government is committed to reorienting and building better systems that protect our children, improving parenting practices and supporting our carer community. We have already accepted and begun implementing 42 recommendations, including launching the new Department for Child Protection on 1 November 2016. The system shortcomings revealed in the Royal Commission report and the remaining recommendations have been comprehensively reviewed by the government over the past few months to help inform our way forward.

Information gathered from consultations with carers and other stakeholders will inform planning and implementation of reforms.


Carer Focus Groups & Survey (foster and kinship carers)

The Child Protection Reform team is seeking feedback from foster and kinship carers on how we can work together to develop better systems that protect our children.

A series of focus groups are being held in the Adelaide North, Adelaide (Central) and Limestone Coast regions in March and April and we would like you to assist us by sharing this invitation with carers you think will be interested in contributing.

The focus groups will help shape key system reform priorities including: 

·        Out of home care

·        Child Safety Pathway

For those who are unable to attend a focus group in person, carers can still have their say on child protection reforms by visiting the YourSay website.


Aboriginal consultation

Consultation for the Aboriginal community and for children and young people will also be announced shortly.

Agency/Provider Focus Groups

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How can I find out more on the reform implementation?

The "A Fresh Start" (PDF 4.5MB) outlines the system-level reorientation, inspired by a public health approach.

View the department's website for more information on the changes.


What are the 3 areas for consultation, the goals, timelines and contacts?


Fifty nine (59) recommendations from the Nyland Royal Commission specifically relate to reform of the Out of Home Care (OOHC) system.  Reform implementation for out of home care will occur over three phases. Phase 1 will involve a range of strategies to: increase family based placements and stability of these placements; increase the safety of children in out of home care; and improve support for young people transitioning to adult life.​
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The Child Safety Pathway will be a new front door to the child protection system and first point of contact for the public. The new pathway will use a multi-agency intake model that offers a broader child protection and development approach to families and children at risk.  The pathway will include Department for Child Protection practitioners who currently staff the Child Abuse Report Line (CARL) and staff from SA Health, the Department for Education and Child Development, South Australia Police, the Department for Correctional Services, and the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion. ​
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(Relevant to the first round of Agency/Provider focus groups)

CFARNs will collaborate with other providers in local regions to deliver new referral pathways and services, tailored to the individual needs of children and families. CFARNS will work with families of children in the first 1000 days of a child’s life (prenatal to 2 years of age) who are at risk and have come to the attention of the DCP - Child Safety Pathway.​
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