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Join the conversation that will help develop the Community Engagement Charter as part of SA’s planning system reform.

What's being decided?

The Community Engagement Charter is an integral part of the new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (the Act) and it seeks, for the first time in South Australia, to put engagement at the forefront of the planning system.

We are engaging a broad range of South Australians to help design the overarching principles of the Charter that will set the expectations on how the community wants to be engaged in the planning system. 

How can your input influence the decision?

The Charter is being developed by the new State Planning Commission to improve the way South Australians are involved in planning decisions. We want to better understand what matters to people in planning and how they want to have a say, contribute ideas and make suggestions about matters that potentially affect them. This information will be considered formulating the new Community Engagement Charter.

This is related to other reform – but this is specifically about how you (and the broader community) are engaged – what’s important to ensure when we engage with people around planning matters?

During July, a group of randomly selected South Australians known as the ‘Planning Together Panel’ will collaborate with a range of stakeholders involved in planning in our state to draft the principles of the Community Engagement Charter which will set the expectations of how communities want to be engaged. 

The Panel will be exploring the development of the Charter in the context of: ‘How can we improve how people and communities are put at the centre of major planning decisions?’

To support their work, we are looking for input from the broader community. We would value your input into this process and would like to invite you to contribute. 

Get involved

We want you to join the conversation to help develop this Charter as part of SA’s planning system reform.

You can be involved by:

How will your input be used?

Your information and feedback will be considered directly by the Planning Together Panel and the other stakeholders involved in its development, which will meet to work on the Charter across two weekends in July. We may also seek further input into the drafting process as we collate the outputs of the Planning Together Panel workshops.

The draft Charter developed through this process will be presented for consideration to the State Planning Commission.


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