A draft of the Child Development and Wellbeing Bill was posted on YourSAy for consultation from 8 – 24 October 2013.

Thank you for your interest. Consultation has now closed and all feedback is being considered. To view the written submissions that have been received, please visit the education and child development legislation reform website.

Since the release of the Every chance for every child discussion paper in 2012, feedback from the community has been pivotal in shaping the draft legislation.

Over this period, the clear message received from parents, carers and families is that the Government should establish a Commissioner for Children and Young People.

The draft legislation proposed an independent Commissioner for Children and Young People, with the Commissioner having a role in advocating for children and young people as well as promoting awareness of their rights, views and interests.

The Bill also proposed the establishment of a Child Development Council made up of community members, parents, caregivers and government representatives. Key responsibilities proposed for the Council included an Outcomes Framework, as well as the drafting of a Charter for Children and Young People.

This Bill aims to protect the care and rights of children and young people in every aspect of Government and build a stronger network of support.