Submissions are displayed in chronological order of receipt below.

1.  Daniel Kinnoch (PDF, 66 kb) 

2.  Tony Tropeano (West End Traders' Association), Letter to Jurors (PDF 55 kb)

2a.  Tony Tropeano (West End Traders' Association), web links to relevant article (PDF 51 kb) 

2b.  Tony Tropeano (West End Traders' Association), comments on Late Night Trading Code of Practice (PDF 155 kb)

2c. Tony Tropeano (West End Traders' Association), Cultural aspects of alcohol consumption (PDF 33 kb)

3.  Restaurants and Catering SA (PDF, 263 kb)

3a. Restaurants and Catering SA, attachment, Selling bottled wine in supermarkets (PDF, 183 kb)

4.  Attorney General's Department minute (PDF, 889 kb)

4a. Attorney General's Department, Attachment 1, Liqour Licensing Act (PDF, 454 kb) 

4b. Attorney General's Department, Attachment 2, Late Night Safety Working Group Terms of Rerference (PDF, 33 kb) 

4c. Attorney General's Department, Attachment 3, Late Night Safety information paper (PDF, 555 kb)  

4d. Attorney General's Department, Attachment 4, Current liqour licence stats (PDF, 23 kb) 

5.  Government of South Australia - Safe Communities, Healthy Neighbourhoods Senior Officers' Group (PDF, 320 kb)

6.  Government of South Australia - Creating a Vibrant City Seniors' Officer Group (PDF, 3.3 mb)

7.  Adelaide City Council (PDF 716 kb)

8.  Lisa Philip-Harbutt (Word 19 kb) 

9.  Australian Hotels' Association (PDF 2.4 mb)

10. Victims Support Service Incorporated, (PDF 317 kb) 

11.  Capital City Committee (PDF 235 kb) 

12.  Sammy D Foundation (PDF 554kb)

13.  Encounter Youth (PDF 401 kb) 

14.  Polites Group of Companies (PDF 238 kb)