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What is being discussed?

Balancing the need to ensure a healthy, safe and vibrant ‘night-time economy’ against legitimate calls to clamp down on the anti-social behavior attributed to alcohol, can be a challenge.  

Crime and its causes, is an extensively researched and statistically-rich environment, meaning that the availability of expert insight and factual grounding is comparatively easy to get. The Citizens' Jury process has provided the time, support and structure for ordinary South Australians to analyse the evidence and consider the competing interests, before presenting a series of recommendations to government about what the solutions might be.  

The Jury

Led by independent, non-partisan research organisation, the new Democracy Foundation, the Jury pioneered a new approach to engaging the public in government decision making.

The 43 randomly selected Jury members met regularly from July to October 2013, and presented their recommendations to the Premier on 19 October surrounding ‘Creating a safe and vibrant Adelaide nightlife’.

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