20 Sept 2013 - The role of a Citizens' Jury

ABC 891 Adelaide

Iain Walker from newDemocracy Foundation speaks to Sonya Feldhoff on ABC 891 Adelaide about the role of a Citizens Jury and the progress that's been made in Adelaide.

17 Sep 2013 - New South Wales Government announces Citizens' Jury

New South Wales announced it would follow South Australia's lead by establishing a Citizens Jury to help curb alcohol-related violence, while maintaining a vibrant Sydney nightlife. 

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20 July 2013 - Citizens' Jury has first Town Hall meeting

The Citizens' Jury met for the first time on Saturday 20 July, 2013 at the Adelaide Town Hall. The meeting generated significant interest from local media.

7 News Adelaide

9 News Adelaide

29 July, 2015 Review of Late Night Code

Deputy Premier, John Rau has announced the governmnet's response to a review of the Late Night Code following its first year of operation.