The Active Ageing D3 Digital Challenge has now closed and grant recipients have been announced here. Stay tuned to this page for more information about the prototypes being created during September and October.

The topic

This challenge is all about active ageing. We are looking for digital solutions that support the prime time of life, including ways to enable people to be active, remain connected and in control of their future as they grow older.

Together with Office for the Ageing, we’re looking for a digital solution that encourages older people to take up opportunities to be active in all areas of life and in a variety of ways - including socially, physically and mentally.

Active ageing involves opportunities to explore, learn, be challenged and share knowledge and skills with others. It can improve sense of wellbeing, engage people in activities that provide purpose and meaning and connect people to a whole new group of other people and experiences.

The state government's vision is to bring the community together to create an all-ages-friendly state. To ensure South Australians have a fulfilling, active and enjoyable life at every stage, gaining the maximum benefit from longevity linking personal wellbeing with social and economic productivity. More information, and the state government’s vision can be accessed via the SA Health website.

Events and Milestones

Day 1: D3 Digital Challenge
Flinders Uni, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide 
20 August, 9:00 AM

Day 1 of the D3 Digital Challenge was focused on making sense of the problem by bringing a mix of people and knowledge to the room. Teams had the opportunity to access the people and knowledge through a series of interactive activities, presentations and relevant research.

Day 2: D3 Digital Challenge
Wakefield House, 30 Wakefield Street, Adelaide 
29 August, 9:30 AM

The second day offered our competing teams an opportunity to develop their ideas and design their pitch. A range of skills development activities were offered throughout the day to support teams.

Pitch night
The Science Exchange, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide SA 5000 
3 September, 5:00 PM

Teams were invited to ‘pitch’ their ideas to a panel of experts. The two teams with the best ideas were awarded a $10,000 grant to develop their ideas. The winners will have 4 weeks, with support from mentors and government to deliver a prototype and next stage proposal.

Grant establishment period:  7 September - 11 September

Grant period for winning teams: 14 September - 9 October

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