The #D3Challenge Keeping Women Safe has now finished, but you can find updates of the grant award winners, ideas and prototypes here:


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The topic

Women and children have the right to feel safe and live without fear of violence. Perpetrators of violence are increasingly using technology to facilitate their abuse of women. It’s time to turn this around and use technology in a positive way that aids women to be happy, healthy and safe in their environment. 

This D3 Digital Challenge will focus on designing innovative digital solutions to keep women safe, which may mean keeping perpetrators from reoffending, or creating ways that assist in informing women of the risks technology may present. This challenge will aim to use technology to prevent violence against women and better facilitate women’s safety through innovative, outside-the-square solutions.

"[We] are looking for digital tools to enable police, government services and support networks better assist victims of domestic violence and to challenge social attitudes that perpetuate violence against women."
Govt seeks high-tech domestic violence solutions INDAILY

Team and mentor registrations have now closed.

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