Section 50 of the South Australian Public Health Act 2011 prescribes that the Minister must prepare and maintain a State Public Health Plan and that the Minister must review the Plan at least once in every five years.

The review of the 2013 State Public Health Plan, which occurred from October 2017 to February 2018, provided an opportunity to engage with a range of stakeholders to consider changes and achievements that have occurred over the past five years and plan for the future. The findings from the review can be found here.

The recommendations from the review were then considered in the development of the Summary Framework for the draft State Public Health Plan 2019-2024.

Consultation on the Summary Framework occurred between April and June 2018. Feedback from consultation on the Summary Framework has been incorporated into the development of the draft Plan. The diagram below shows the process undertaken to date.

We are seeking your feedback on the draft Plan before it is released in late 2018.



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