UPDATE: Below is a record of what appeared on YourSAy during the open consultation process from 14 August 2018 - 28 September 2018.

To tell us about your interaction with the South Australian driver training and assessment industry.

What is being decided?

Road safety within our community is influenced by the quality of driver training and assessment provided.

The Government is reviewing the current driver training and assessment process in order to deliver a best practice driver training model that is both customer and road safety focussed. 

Please note, this survey does not cover motorbike licence training and assessment

Get involved

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How will your input be used to influence the decision?

Your input will contribute to further decisions on how driver training and assessment is provided in South Australia.

The consultation will comprise of two stages:

  1. The general community
  2. The driver training industry.

This is the first of the two consultations and is seeking views from the community on their experience with the driver training industry. Following this consultation, we will engage with the driver training industry to seek their views on how driver training and assessment is provided in South Australia.

We will provide a summary report on the YourSAy website as soon as possible after the conclusion of both stages of consultation.

We invite you to provide feedback on your driver training experiences by completing our survey.

Closing date: 5pm Friday 28 September 2018



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