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Do you live in the Port Augusta and Northern Flinders Ranges region and have a great idea that could make a real difference to your community? 

Through Fund My Idea, the South Australian Government is providing up to $50,000 for projects that will help communities in the Port Augusta and Northern Flinders Ranges region thrive. View the Port Augusta and Northern Flinders Ranges map (PDF, 1MB)

How it works

Fund My Idea is run in conjunction with the Country Cabinet program. Read more about Country Cabinet.

Local communities nominate projects (ideas) that will deliver an economic or social benefit. The community then votes for their favourite idea. The idea that gets the most votes is funded. 

To be eligible for funding, projects must be nominated, benefit and be delivered in the Port Augusta and Northern Flinders Ranges region and meet the eligibility criteria.

Read more about How Fund My Idea works

Key dates for Fund My Idea Port Augusta and Northern Flinders Ranges

Idea Submission

Read more about Submitting an idea and download the Application Checklist (PDF, 40KB) to help you to submit your idea.

Public voting

The public can vote for their favourite project from 4:00pm Wednesday 30 March until 5:00pm Friday 22 April.

If you are aware of people who want to get involved in Fund My Idea, but do not have internet access, we have made available a paper copy of project information and a manual voting form. Affected people can get a copy by contacting the Outback Communities Authority on 8648 5970. Paper forms are NOT to be used as a substitute for voting through the YourSAy website - they are ONLY for use by people without access to the internet. 

Please note, all votes are monitored and verified throughout the voting period.

Read more about Voting for an idea

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