Help us develop a shared vision for an Active State by having your say on how we can get South Australians more active, more often.

What’s being decided?

South Australia is a very proud sporting state and we know that South Australians love taking advantage of our wonderful environment to get out and get active.

Game On: Getting South Australia Active wants to ensure all South Australians are able to reap the benefits of active and healthy lives. The project is looking at all levels of sport and active recreation, from getting people more active in their local communities, to supporting grassroots sporting clubs, state associations, and encouraging more cycling and walking.

Previous state-wide community and stakeholder consultation helped us identify the key challenges and opportunities for participants in, and providers of, sports and recreation:

  1. Affordable sport and recreation opportunities
  2. A sustainable sport and recreation sector
  3. Increasing the quantity and quality of volunteering opportunities
  4. High quality, inclusive and accessible sport and recreation infrastructure
  5. Encouraging and enabling lifelong physical activity
  6. High quality and accessible public spaces for active recreation
  7. Encouraging active transport
  8. Active young people with good coordination and strong fundamental movement skills.

 You can find out more about the initial state-wide consultation in the Background page.

We now want you to take part in the development of a shared vision of an Active State by exploring opportunities for growth in the sport and recreation sector. 

How can your input influence the decision?

Your input will help us prioritise how we can invest in sport and recreation into the future by focusing our resources in those areas that are most important to you.

Get Involved

We want to know what strategies we can put in place to help you become more active in your community. Have your say on the Game On: Getting South Australia Active project:

What are the next steps?

Development of the Game On report will be guided by feedback received through this consultation process. It will be used as a focal point for government agencies and the industry to work together and maximise the benefits of sports and recreation for the wider community.

The Game On report will be published on the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing on this website in early 2020.

Contact details:

For general enquiries, please email us at or call us on 0874247619 during business hours (9 am to 5 pm, weekdays).

Closing date: Friday 13 December 2019 5:00 pm