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How can we work together to keep our community safe?

On 7 November 2016 we want to hear from you! 

Call 1800 216 506 to share your feedback between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

South Australia Police (SA Police) will be hosting a GOVchat event where members of the public can speak directly with experienced members of SA Police.

Our theme is SA Police – how can we work together to keep our community safe? Members of the public will be encouraged to call in and share their ideas with SA Police representatives about how the community can work with police on topics such as:

  • police services (police attendance, online reporting, etc.);
  • neighbourhood safety (local crime prevention and safety issues);
  • road safety (pedestrian, cyclist and traffic safety);
  • alcohol and illicit drugs in our community; and
  • electronic crime (scamming, credit card fraud, cyber bullying or sexting).

All feedback and calls received through GOVchat will help provide SA Police with valuable community insight across a wide range of subjects.

GOVchat provides a rare opportunity for the community to personally engage with experienced police members which is important to sustain community confidence in the organisation.

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