Discussion Questions

We have listed some question below, with reference to page numbers from the Green Adelaide draft Regional Landscape Plan, which you might find helpful to guide the way you structure your submission.

You can give feedback via our Get involved page.

1.  How well does the proposed vision resonate with your organisation/group? Why?
2. What does your organisation/group think of the goals, focus areas and outcomes of each priority (see pages 11-17)? Please tell us what it supports, does not support, and why.

3. Based on feedback from stakeholders, we have identified a number of different roles we will fulfil to deliver our plan. (see page 18). 

  • Which of these roles will add the most value to your organisation/group? Why?
  • Are there any other roles that we should be undertaking? If so, what are they?
4. What can we do to ensure our partnerships are as effective and meaningful as possible? e.g. align budget cycles, liaise at different organisational levels, use a particular communication channel etc

5. We have proposed some examples of potential multi-year, large scale and multi-partner iconic projects (see page 6):

  • Rewilding our rivers and coastlines
  • Greening our streets and backyards
  • Making Adelaide a National Park City
  • Reigniting culture.

Would your organisation/community group be interested in partnering with us to plan and deliver any of these? Which ones? How?

Does your organisation/group have any other ideas for iconic projects?

8. Does your organisation/group have any other feedback on the Plan?

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Tue, 20 Apr 2021 at 5:00 PM

CLOSING DATE: Green Adelaide Regional Landscape Plan