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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 2 October to 1 November 2019. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of this engagement.

Growth State – Our Plan for Prosperity

We have initiated Growth State – Our Plan for Prosperity because we recognise the need to do things differently to create a conducive environment for economic growth and a more sustainable, prosperous future for South Australians. 

Removing barriers, clearing paths, facilitating, and aggregating, Growth State will be instrumental in focusing government resources and energies. Working in consultation with industry, together we will reaffirm the positive aspects of living and working in South Australia to enhance the prospect of investing here. 

Substantial prospects exist within the energy and mining sector to responsibly develop opportunities, grow productivity and grow our competitiveness. The consultation paper for an Energy and Mining Strategy outlines current programs and potential further action to support Growth State in this critical sector of the economy. 

This strategy brings together others already in place, such as the Copper Strategy, Magnetite Strategy, Hydrogen Road Map and the Roundtable for Oil and Gas. It also incorporates current government programs including the Clean Energy Transition and new initiatives such as the Accelerated Discovery Initiative, Battery and Emerging Minerals Strategy and the Electric Vehicle Strategy foreshadowed in the 2019- 2020 State Budget. 

The consultation paper we are seeking feedback on defines the scope of the energy and mining sector and suggests ambitious targets to support industry in outlining what matters to business to encourage confidence, further investment and address barriers to growth. The final strategy will inform government of the energy and mining sector’s priority needs in delivering stronger growth and will highlight relevant government commitments. 

Government will respond to sector strategies through the Growth State work plan.