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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 2 October to 1 November 2019. Below is a record of this engagement.

We are seeking feedback on our Energy and Mining Strategy consultation paper from the energy and mining industry and the community.

What is being decided?

Carefully designed to leverage South Australia’s competitive advantages, Growth State: our plan for prosperity promotes industry growth by responding to the needs of business and industries. At its heart, Growth State articulates what government is doing, informed by what industry needs. It is a coordinated government commitment to real, concrete actions and deliverables. 

The energy and mining sector has substantial prospects to responsibly develop opportunities, improve productivity and sharpen South Australia's competitiveness.

We have developed an Energy and Mining Strategy consultation paper to bring together existing government initiatives to guide the ongoing expansion of the energy and mining sector in our state. It proposes ambitious new growth targets and potential initiatives to achieve them.

Your feedback on our Energy and Mining Strategy consultation paper will help inform our collective vision, confirm the key challenges to sustained growth, and test the proposed policies, programs and projects to help drive the South Australian economy.

You can find out more about the strategy in the background tab.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your responses will inform the energy and mining sector’s priority needs in delivering stronger growth and will highlight relevant government commitments you want captured in the final design of the Energy and Mining Strategy.

Get involved

You can read the consultation paper and provide your feedback by:

What are the next steps?

The Department for Energy and Mining will collate your responses to inform the development of the Energy and Mining Strategy.

We will respond to sector strategies through the Growth State work plan.


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Closing date: 5pm 1 November 2019