The world is rapidly changing and to remain competitive, our industries need to adapt to the shifting economic environment.

South Australia has a strong foundation of skilled workers, knowledge-intensive business experience and research excellence. We are well positioned to successfully continue our transition towards a global economy

At this critical point in time, we need to actively support our businesses, enabling them to effectively drive the state’s long-term economic growth and create new opportunities for all South Australians.

This is why we are currently developing a modern industry policy that aims to help businesses start, grow and compete in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

Nearly 98% of all South Australian business have less than 20 employees and more than 60% of business owners don’t employ anyone at all.

Successful small businesses are vital to the future of our economy, but we also need more growing, profitable businesses to sustain our long-term economic growth. 

It’s important that more South Australian businesses understand the global market, to help identify and act on opportunities to be innovative, entrepreneurial, take calculated risks and think big.

To find out more read the draft policy framework.

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