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South Australia is undergoing the biggest modernisation of its planning system in 20 years. The new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 is being progressively introduced to provide a more efficient, responsive and effective planning system for all South Australians.

The Planning and Design Code is a key reform element in our new planning system. This paper discusses the ways in which the Code can respond to contemporary land use policy challenges and opportunities associated with our Integrated Movement Systems.

The Integrated Movement Systems Policy Discussion Paper is one of four policy discussion papers that will help inform the development of South Australia’s new planning system with regard to transport and travel networks. It focuses on key issues and opportunities associated with managing South Australia’s transport systems and surrounding land use as we build a new planning system and looks at the role our new planning system will play in achieving optimal development and transport outcomes.

The following three key themes are explored in the paper:

  • Aligning South Australia’s growth with transport infrastructure
  • Capitalising on strategic transport infrastructure
  • Sustainable mobility, car parking and the impacts of technology

Your views on these key themes and the recommendations contained in the discussion paper will contribute to the effective integration of our transport system and a successful new planning system for South Australia.

Watch the video in the South Australia's New Planning System tab to find out more about the core elements of the planning system.

For further information visit the SA Planning Portal.


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