UPDATE: Below is a record of what appeared on YourSAy during the open consultation process from 24 July 2018 - 15 October 2018.

We want to see communities and people central to managing the natural resources of their region. This involves significant reforms and your input is critical.

What is being decided?

The South Australian Government has committed to a range of reforms to the natural resources management system. These include:

  • Replacing the Natural Resources Management Act with the proposed Landscape South Australia Act
  • Creating a simpler, flexible and accessible system for managing natural resources, with decentralised decision-making
  • Putting people at the heart of managing our natural resources, recognising that those who work and live on the land are well placed to manage and sustain it
  • Creating nine landscape Boards and Green Adelaide to replace existing NRM Boards
  • Making soil quality, pest plant and animal control and water management major priorities
  • Capping annual land and water levy rises at a rate set by an independent body or according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Establishing a Grassroots Grants program, a $2 million statewide annual fund for volunteer, community and not-for-profit groups to access

discussion paper provides an overview of the reforms, the benefits it will bring and the key areas where community input is sought to shape those reforms.

Get involved

Check out the Discussion Paper, the Executive Summary and the Frequently Asked Questions and provide your feedback on how you believe natural resources should be managed by: 

You can provide your feedback based on the questions in the discussion paper or you can comment on any other aspects of natural resources management that are important to you.

Aboriginal engagement

The government wants to hear how it can better recognise and promote Aboriginal peoples’ land, water, economic and cultural interests. We invite Aboriginal people to attend a community forum to provide their input. Find out more here.

Contact details

For general inquiries or to request direct contact with an Aboriginal Engagement Officer, please email the Landscape Reform team at landscapereform@sa.gov.au or call us on 812 4 4772 during business hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note that feedback cannot be accepted by phone.

How will your input be used?

Your feedback will help inform the development of a Landscape South Australia Bill that reflects community needs and expectations.

You can keep informed about the reform through regular updates on this website or you can sign up here to receive notification of updates.

Closing date: Monday 15 October 2018

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