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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 8 April 2019 to 10 May 2019. Below is a record of the consultation process.



We would like your feedback on the proposed new short term liquor licence category which will replace the existing limited licences.

What is being decided?

As part of South Australian liquor licensing reforms, limited licences will be abolished and replaced by short term liquor licences.

The Proposed Short Term Liquor Licences will have three new categories.

Currently limited liquor licences are used for special occasions and usually cannot be granted for more than one month.

The new short term liquor licence category will no longer be required to be a special occasion and can be issued for any event or occasion. Some short term licences may be granted for up to 5 years.

Short term licences will be able to be issued to individuals, associations or businesses for a variety of events including weddings, fundraising, concerts, sporting and mobile events.

Find out more about the issuing of the short term licence.

Get involved

Read the proposed new short term liquor licences and tell us what you think. 

How can your input influence the decision?

We would like input from people who currently conduct events that require limited liquor licences. Feedback will help to shape licence classes and application requirements.

This consultation will inform the drafting of the regulations.

What are the next steps?

The finalised short term licence information will be available on the Consumer and Business Services website in the second half of 2019.


For more information contact:

Licensing Reform Team
Phone: 8226 8499

Closing date: 5pm Friday 10 May 2019 (closing date now extended )


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