Fishing group representatives

Four organisational members have been appointed to the Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council, following assessment by a nominations panel.

These members have been selected from nominations received from FishinSA, RecFish SA and the South Australian Fishing Alliance. These members have been selected based on their ability to perform all duties associated with their position diligently, impartially, conscientiously, in a civil manner and to the best of their ability.

The members are:

South Australian Fishing Alliance member

Graham Keegan

Graham Keegan

Coming from a family of Commercial Fishers, I was introduced to the sea early, and fell for it instantly. I have been a keen recreational fisher my whole life and I am equally happy fishing for bream or chasing game fish. At one stage I ran a fishing charter business, and occasionally dabble in fishing journalism.

I, along with all SAFA supporters, have advocated for an independent voice for SA anglers. The formation of this Council represents both change and progress towards that goal.

RecFish SA member

Ian Fitzgerald Ian Fitzgerald, Marine and freshwater fisher

I mostly fish in Adelaide and adjacent areas, and interstate. I have been a keen recreational fisher for over 50 years. I have been a member of the South Australian Fly Fishers for over 25 years. I want to be able to contribute my knowledge and skills to improve recreational fishing in South Australia.


FishinSA members

Tracey Tito Tracey Tito

My mission is to make a difference. After being diagnosed (2013) and beating cancer I have decided to follow my passion, fishing and empowering women. Justagirl is about teaching woman to be competent on the water, backing the boat, launching and retrieving tying rigs, driving the boat, anchoring and water safety, and becoming amazing anglers in a non-threatening environment. There are hundreds of woman in the state who love to fish but only get out when hubby allows it and takes them. I would love to see more opportunities for females in the fishing community here in SA.

John Thomas John Thomas

I have fished for over 60 years all around this state and interstate. Styles vary and include finesse, coarse, land-based and boat with fly, spinners, hard bodies, soft plastics and bait. My preference is lure fishing when possible. I am currently a moderator for FishinSA and have been since it began, prior to that I was moderator on Fish SA, giving me approximately 10 years or more moderating on the main fishing forums. My current interests are photography, fishing, kayaking, cycling, metal detecting, minerals and mining history in South Australia.



Mon, 18 Feb 2019 at 12:00 PM

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