For some time there has been a need to broaden the dialogue and communication between recreational fishers and the South Australian Government. We are committed to working with South Australia’s diverse and active recreational fishers to improve the recreational fishing experience. 

Membership of the Council would comprise a suitable representative of each of the following groups:

  • FishinSA
  • RecFish SA
  • South Australian Fishing Alliance.

It would also include an additional five individual members with expertise in recreational fishing, including at least one female member, one inland fisher and one person with knowledge of the recreational fishing retail/trade sector. 

The Minister would also appoint two government officials as observers for meetings of the Council and the Minister:

  • a PIRSA member to provide expertise in fisheries management when requested; and
  • a SARDI member to provide expertise in fisheries research when requested.

The Chair would be selected by the Council’s membership from one of their number. The Chair would preside over all meetings, ensure each meeting has an effective agenda to cover issues that are consistent with the scope and role of the Council, coordinate the members of the Council on key issues and be responsible for reporting to the Minister.

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