What you said

17 October 2018

The Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development sought the views of recreational fishers in South Australia on the formation, structure and function of the new Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council through a three-week consultation process from 31 August 2018 until 21 September 2018.

Thank you to those who contributed their feedback.

We received 225 completed responses to the consultation survey. All respondents gave permission for their responses to be published online. These are included here:
Completed Surveys MRFAC consult Oct 2018.

The consultation indicated there was majority support for all aspects of the establishment, role, representation, nominations and voting process for the proposed Council, that were included in the Consultation Paper.

As such, the nominations and assessment of organisational and individual membership of the Minister's Recreational Fishing Advisory Council is proceeding in accordance with the approach stated in the Consultation Paper. Information about the nominations process will be available soon.