Have your say on how we can improve the water allocation announcement process, including what information is required, how it is distributed and when it is provided.

What is being decided?

An improved announcement process has been proposed where entitlement holders would receive a range of water allocation outlook information. You can find more information on the proposed improvements in the fact sheet.

We are seeking your feedback on this new process so we can best deliver water allocation announcements to help meet your business needs. 

How can your input influence the decision?

Your input will help ensure that the information we provide to entitlement holders meets their specific and varied requirements. We have worked closely with the River Murray Advisory Committee (RMAC) to develop an improved allocation announcement process outlined in this fact sheet, which we are inviting you to review and provide feedback on in the following areas:

  • what information is provided
  • how this information is presented
  • when this information is provided
  • how we can improve the water allocation announcement process.

Get involved

You can provide your feedback by:

Ashley Kingsborough - Principal Policy Officer 
Department for Environment and Water 
GPO Box 1047, ADELAIDE SA 5001

How will your input be used?

A summary of the feedback, our response and an updated package of water allocation outlook information will be presented to our community advisory group, the River Murray Advisory Committee (RMAC).

In early 2019, we will release a new procedure for water allocation announcements, including the updated range of water outlook information. The new water allocation announcement process will be used for River Murray water allocation announcements for the 2019-2020 water year.

We will email all stakeholders with further updates.

Closing date: 5pm 30 September 2018

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