South Australia is undergoing the biggest modernisation of its planning system in 20 years, with new assessment procedures being introduced to better deal with community and industry expectations. How we assess development will be more straightforward and easy to understand, and assisting good development and better design outcomes that delivers real benefits for our community.

Simple forms of development will follow a streamlined assessment process to obtain approval, while proposals for developments of greater complexity will follow a more rigorous process.

The Performance Indicators Discussion Paper proposes ways in which all development will be measured and monitored, and how statistical data about planning applications will be reported on. This paper describes development monitoring, data gathering which provides valuable, easily accessible information about development outcomes and the ‘health’ of the planning system.

In addition, a Performance Indicators discussion paper is also out on consultation via a separate YourSAy page.

The Assessment Pathways Discussion Paper provides an overview of new development application assessment processes which will become operational in South Australia by mid-2020.

By July 2020 our state will have a more robust and responsive development assessment and monitoring framework. This will provide greater transparency and efficiency in our planning system to help protect our urban, regional and rural assets while supporting responsible development and good planning decisions for South Australia’s future.

Watch the video in the South Australia's New Planning System tab to find out more about the core elements of the planning system.


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