Our new planning system: new ways of monitoring development - Update

16 September 2019

Performance indicators describe the measuring of development, from early proposal stages to completion, and is a method of data gathering which can provide valuable information about the overall ‘health’ of South Australia’s planning system by divulging statistics about how many developments have been applied for, approved or are in progress.

The Performance Indicators Discussion Paper proposes ways in which all development will be measured and monitored, and how statistical data about planning applications will be reported on. This paper describes development monitoring, data gathering which provides valuable, easily accessible information about development outcomes and the ‘health’ of the planning system.

A What We Have Heard Report is available for this engagement which was undertaken between 23 August 2018  to 17 October 2018. This report summarises feedback received on how the new scheme could work, the types of data that the scheme should capture, as well as elements of the current System Indicators Program that should continue. More information about the performance indicators is available on the SA Planning Portal.