This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 28 November 2018 to 22 February 2019. Below is a record of the consultation process.


We want your feedback on how our proposed new planning and design code can better support South Australia's economy.

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This engagement forms part of a new planning and development system for South Australia.

What is being decided?

We are deciding how our new planning policy will better support South Australia’s economy.

We want to hear your views on what you believe are the key issues and opportunities in land-use planning policy, which relate to business and industry. We are developing a statewide planning and design code and considering a range of economic issues that planning can have an influence on.

We want your feedback on the proposed new planning policy that relates to the use of land for business and industry purposes. We would like to know how the Planning and Design Code can better support our State's economy.

The Productive Economy Policy Discussion Paper explores four key themes that we would like you to consider:

  • supporting and growing key industries
  • linking people to jobs, goods and services
  • providing infrastructure to enhance our liveability
  • facilitating innovation and enabling investment.

We have prepared a summary of the discussion paper and a more comprehensive background paper.

You can also read a second detailed background paper, which is a study of land-use planning from an economist’s viewpoint, and forms part of the research for the main paper.

This engagement forms part of a new planning and development system for South Australia. Read more about it.

How you can get involved

Read the Productive Economy Policy Discussion Paper or the Summary and provide your feedback by:

•    joining the online discussion   
•    completing the online survey 
•    taking part in a poll to let us know what you believe are the most important planning policies for South Australia.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your input will help us inform the development of the new Planning and Design Code around the state’s economy and industry.

How will your input be used?

A report based on feedback received on the Productive Economy Policy Discussion Paper will be circulated to all engagement participants in March following the close of consultation on Friday 22 February 2019.

The report will also be published on the SA Planning Portal.

Contact details

For inquiries, email us at or call on 1800 752 664 during business hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Closing date: Friday 22 February 2019

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