A review of the South Australian Veterinary Practice Act 2003 and the Veterinary Practice Regulations 2017 is being undertaken to ensure they appropriately provide for the protection of animal health, safety and welfare and the public interest including users of veterinary services.

This review is an opportunity for interested parties to give their feedback into the relevance of the Act and Regulations in maintaining high standards of veterinary practice in SA.

In determining the scope of this review, the State Government consulted a number of stakeholder organisations, undertook an analysis of the Act and Regulations and compared similar interstate and international legislation.

The information gathered through this process was used to determine feedback topics and guided the development of key questions on these topics.

It is important that the current review of the Act and Regulations is informed by a wide range of perspectives, including:

  • organisations associated with the health safety and welfare of animals
  • consumers of veterinary services
  • veterinarians 
  • industry advocacy groups.

Now is the time to have your say on the legislation that protects animal health, safety and welfare and the public interest (including users of veterinary services).

In giving feedback you are encouraged to either answer all or part of the questions in the survey. There is also the opportunity to provide feedback of a general nature.

To have your say, head to the Get involved tab.


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