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The Water Industry Act 2012 came into full operation on 1 January 2013. The Act guides regulation of the water and sewage industry.

The Act has a number of key purposes, which include:

  • promoting planning for water security
  • promoting efficiency, competition and innovation in the water industry
  • providing for transparent water pricing
  • ensuring appropriate technical standards apply to the water industry
  • protecting the interests of consumers
  • promoting the wise management of water
  • promoting the economically efficient use and operation of infrastructure so as to promote competition in upstream and downstream markets.

The Minister is required to review the Act after 5 years of operation (under section 116 of the Water Industry Act 2012), to evaluate the success of implementing the Act and identify opportunities for legislative improvement and reform that will further achieve the Act’s objectives.

The Department for Environment and Water is charged with the administering the Act and is conducting the review on behalf of the Minister for Environment and Water.


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