The Water Industry Act 2012 is being reviewed after 5 years of operation and you are invited to have your say about how you think it could be improved.

What is being decided?

The Water Industry Act 2012  guides water and sewage industry regulation and governs all water industry entities that provide retail services to South Australian customers.
Its purpose is to:

  • facilitate planning for water security
  • license retail services for the provision of water and sewerage
  • manage the water and sewerage industry, including price regulation, customer service standards, and technical standards for water and sewerage infrastructure, installations and plumbing.

The Act came into full operation on 1 January 2013 and is now being reviewed to assess how successful it has been during its first 5 years of operation.

As part of this review, a discussion paper has been developed to help identify opportunities for legislative improvement and reform.

The paper highlights a range of focus areas identified through discussions with licensed water industry entities, regulators and government bodies, with background information provided for each section to help you to understand the issue, and questions to help guide feedback.

Areas highlighted for feedback include:

  • advantages and disadvantages of regulating the water industry
  • current licensing and exemption regime
  • how long-term water security planning is done
  • the ability for water and sewerage suppliers to require adjoining landholders to connect to infrastructure
  • opportunities for broader water reforms.

Get involved

Provide your feedback on the issues and questions in the Review of the Water Industry Act 2012 discussion paper or any other issues you feel should be considered as part of the review, by:

How can your input influence the decision?

Your feedback will help identify opportunities for legislative improvement and reform, and help shape a review report on the Water Industry Act 2012.
The review report will be provided to the Minister for Environment and Water and then laid before both Houses of Parliament for consideration. The government may use the review report to inform future legislative amendments.

How will your input be used?

Following the consultation period, a review report will be prepared for the Minister for Environment and Water. Findings from the review will be available on YourSAy.

Contact Details

For further information contact

Hannah Ellyard
phone: 8204 1749

Closing Date: 5pm Friday 24 May 2019


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